Principal Messages

S. N. S. College, Tekari - Gaya, a constituent unit of Magadh University Bodh Gaya, has started vocational undergraduate courses both in Management and Computer technology with a view to shape the student into matured future professional managers. With the globalisation and libralisation of the economy, it has become the cry of the hair to take up the challenges thrown by the fast pace of complex changes. BBM & BCA, the gigorous degree programmes are being offered by this college, with a commitment to pursue a balanced excellence approach that links theory to practice in teaching and research to arm the participants with high quality education, corporate excellence, business leadership and excutive competence through the initiative & supports of eminent personalities and intellectuals who have rich, varied and profound experience in the field of Management and Computer technology.

(Dr. Uday Paswan)


About College

S.N.S. College, Tekari - Gaya was established in 1966 with a view to impart higher education to the scholars of the rural and sub-urban areas of Tekari. In 1978, it became a constituent unit of Magadh University. Since then the S. N. S. College has grown by many folds and now a day the college is a well known educational body in the Gaya division and offering various courses in Science, Arts, Humanities, Business Administration and Computer Applications. Tekari is an old and historical town and this is the only college in the radius of 12 kilometers to provide higher education to the students.


Shri Nitish Kumar
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Bihar
Shri R.V Arlekar
H.E. Governor-Cum-Chancellor of Bihar
Prof. S.P Shahi
Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, MU
Dr. Uday Paswan
Prof.In-Charge- S.N.S College, Tekari